There were so many complaints coming in about Absolute Write that we had to give it its own site. Check it out for the latest. Our apologies to those who have posted links to the forum, which now will be broken.
If you've been banned from AW, this blog wants to know about it. They're compiling a comprehensive list of victims.
This is a listing of all the sites who have complaints against Absolute Write and Mac Stone.

Absolute Write


We recently received this letter, which was sent to several writer advocate sites:

I am a member of a small group for writers and we're quite concerned about the bad publicity building up around McAllister Stone at Absolute Write. It seems she is taking the money from her members for classes etc. and not paying the instructors. If the instructors protest, she retaliates by dropping them from the site. She is also using her members to increase her revenue from the many advertisements now displayed on the forum. And there is even a Donation button on the site, which is begging for funds.

Something isn't right here.

I hope you include the warnings from The Write Agenda and Writers Weekly on your site. I was quite amazed to see that AW still had an "excellent" rating at Preditors and Editors. This is not a pleasant forum, McAllister has an appalling attitude, and the software is glitchy. You have to actually use html code if you want spaces between paragraphs in a post. So the money McAllister is coining in is certainly not going to the upkeep of the site.

I'd also like to add here that McAllister may be experiencing financial difficulties due to the lawsuit brought against her by a literary agent. This could be the reason she is not paying out the monies she owes to writing class instructors:

This is McAllister's website registration information:

The address, where it appears McAllister has lived since 1992, was sold recently:

Some other points, which have been brought to my attention: The address which McAllister gave as her residence, in the lawsuit brought against her by Literary Agent, Barbara Bauer -- 8911 Vernon Rd., M-#165, Everett, WA 98205 -- is a storage unit at Frontier Village Mini Storage!

This is the lawsuit document:

This is Frontier Mini Storage:

"Any false information on a court document is considered to be Perjury."

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The site, as someone said, can help you find great people and I'm pretty sure it has over the years. But a site that's run like Absolutewrite cannot continue to get great people if they have terrible people who own the site as well as mod it.

For a site that's for writers, one would think they'd go out of their way to understand what people are saying before they say they are stupid on the forum. Mods should never attack people on the forums....NEVER. Any forum that allows that is a bully place. A place where mods can push around people and expect them to fear them. It is not ok to run a website like that. That breeds cliques and makes other posters feel like there's special treatment. Absolute Write is just like that. They allow bullies to mod. They also allow cliques to control who gets into trouble.

The site, as many have said around the internet, use to be really, really good. Now it's just $#@! because of the controlling attitude of those in charge. The idea (if I could rate them differently) would get a 3 because it is a great thing to do with start up writers, but it's not a great place for your attitude if you do more than look for critique partners. They won't let you think for yourself.

If you go to this website just look for a critique partner or help with your writing. Avoid giving your opinion. If you give it and the majority don't agree...not only will they get to insult you, you will be attacked by a mod and made out to be the bad guy.

The above link no longer works. Sitejabber has removed the Absolute Write thread. Fortunately, it was saved before that happened and can be viewed here:
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Check out these sites for more reviews on AW: 

This is another member's experience with Absolute Write, and the horribly abusive message she received from them stating she was banned: 

"Anyway as I hit the save button on a post I had been working on I get a popup window that says:
'You have been banned for the following reason:

Just get the hell off my site. You're relentlessly snotty, rude, and you're a f***cking bald-faced liar. I'm done with you.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never'
The moderator used the full expletive that I self-censored here."

And a publisher was bullied and victimized by the Mac crowd:
"I'm sure regdog was well intentioned when he set up this thread and I really don't mind answering people's questions, but I feel as though it has turned into a thread bent on bashing my company rather than any real attempt at trying to learn more about it. I really don't believe that anything I say will be well received, so I'm leery about answering questions here.

I didn't come to this community to "advertise" my publishing company. I came here to connect with other writers. I only mentioned the company as a way of telling people where my focus is at the moment (aside from writing). Starting my own publishing company is something I've wanted to do for years, but I was afraid it was too big for me. It was a friend of mine, who works in the industry, who talked me into finally doing it. It's something I'm very excited about and something I'm proud of. It was a big step for me."
The Lion Song Publishing thread on AW 

The Lion Song thread was removed from AW, and can now be found in the cache. We've noticed that anything unfavourable to AW has a way of disappearing. We've taken a screenshot, before it disappears for good.


(Not recommended)

This is mainly a poetry forum, but it does offer critiques for short stories as well. Let us stress here that this appears to be a professional and well-run forum, and the members are friendly. However, the reason we cannot recommend it is because Eratosphere insists that members provide their real names and primary email addresses. This is against the advice of law enforcement agencies everywhere, and we advise strongly against doing so. The Internet can be a dangerous place. We can never know who's who, or what their agenda may be. Stay safe, keep your private details as private as possible at all times.

Fiction Post


This is an excellent forum that would be pretty hard to beat, for its supportive community, great critiques, and overall professional know-how. If you haven't already checked it out, please do so. You won't be disappointed.

Legend Fire


Legend Fire is a very attractive looking forum with friendly members, good critiques, and tons of valuable information.

By: Dustin Tigner aka Achithyn
The most accurate definition for LegendFire is: a place of belonging. I’m always thinking about where I belong in life, what group of individuals I fit in with. One aspect of myself, that has changed my life, is creative writing. Creativity is a magical trait, one that enriches the lives of others. It’s an escape of mundane things - color where there is none, and hope to those who need it.

Mythic Scribes


If you write fantasy/sci-fi, Mythic Scribes is a wonderful place to be. It's highly recommend for help with World building and research into 13-20th century creatures and things. This is an attractive forum visually; the members and staff are friendly, and it has a good atmosphere.

Where Writers Meet


Attractive looking forum, friendly and professional, with tons of valuable information for writers. It's only been around for about a year, but has already been voted the Best Writers Forum, in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.