Legend Fire


Legend Fire is a very attractive looking forum with friendly members, good critiques, and tons of valuable information.

By: Dustin Tigner aka Achithyn
The most accurate definition for LegendFire is: a place of belonging. I’m always thinking about where I belong in life, what group of individuals I fit in with. One aspect of myself, that has changed my life, is creative writing. Creativity is a magical trait, one that enriches the lives of others. It’s an escape of mundane things - color where there is none, and hope to those who need it.


  1. Clancy6.5.12

    Yeah, this is a good forum. I got a lot of help with my WIP there.

  2. Anonymous19.1.15

    I might check it out later, but hesitantly. I'm leery about any place that spells out rules for critique. Because more often in my experience, a critique can say something about you as a person instead of the work, and have no recourse to complain. But I might I consider it merely for the fact that the design doesn't make your eyes bleed. As someone with eye problems, very important.

  3. Legendfire appears to be defunct

  4. Legend fire appears to be defunct