Mythic Scribes


If you write fantasy/sci-fi, Mythic Scribes is a wonderful place to be. It's highly recommend for help with World building and research into 13-20th century creatures and things. This is an attractive forum visually; the members and staff are friendly, and it has a good atmosphere.


  1. Anonymous17.1.15

    I had an experience with senior members ganging up on the thread, and going into one on one fits with each other in my introduction thread. At the very least that's unprofessional. Then another thread refuses to name the specific writer they are referring to, but uses the mouthful of implying one author is a racist without siting their evidence.

    Again, not only does this cause speculation about who they are referring to, for those prone to lack of self-esteem anyway, it might make them assume they are referring to them. This may not be the intent of this post. But it makes me cautious joining anywhere.

    I had already just left Absolute Writers Water Cooler, because I got tired of moderators being able to apply labels on people without siting their evidence. I don't want a wonderful place like Mythic Scribes going in the same direction.

  2. Anonymous2.7.15

    THis site is terrible. New writers beware! They will gang up on you and rip everything apart until it is a shell of what it once was. So sad :( And I don't think any of them have been traditionally published.

  3. Moreover, I can't ask a simple research question without someone asking why what I'm researching matters to my story. This wastes my time, for time that I could be getting real historical answers.