(Not recommended)

This is mainly a poetry forum, but it does offer critiques for short stories as well. Let us stress here that this appears to be a professional and well-run forum, and the members are friendly. However, the reason we cannot recommend it is because Eratosphere insists that members provide their real names and primary email addresses. This is against the advice of law enforcement agencies everywhere, and we advise strongly against doing so. The Internet can be a dangerous place. We can never know who's who, or what their agenda may be. Stay safe, keep your private details as private as possible at all times.


  1. I don't recommend this site either, even though comparatively is better than many other sites out there. On the surface, it looks like a very "professional", site, but after you spend your time there (and I spent almost a year) you soon realize it that professional aspect is rather superficial. The most established members, who post most often and have the most authority at the site, have a very narrow-minded approach to poetry and are very intolerant to those that don't adhere to it. The narrow-minded and pretentious and elitist mannerism unfortunately go against being a substantially "professional" site, and they smother anyone whose approaches or styles don't follow, or who show strong disagreement, with their own . Perhaps a lot of this could be forgiven if quality of the poetry were really superior, but most of it is mediocre; they confine themselves for the most part to magazine-oriented styles and dislike anything that is remarkably poetic or which follows traditional or antique styles more strictly.

  2. Anonymous15.4.15

    The rule about names and email addresses is only so the site owner can ascertain that the person joining is real and not a troll. If there is a compelling reason for not using a real name that is negotiable and email addresses are not made public unless the member specifically chooses to do so.