Writers Net

(Not Recommended)

Not sure what happened to this forum, but it once earned an "excellent" rating from Preditors and Editors. We're told it's under new management, and that they are unresponsive, and do not answer emails. There are also complaints about the software on the forum, it's full of glitches, and members are suddenly banned for no reason. It seems that poor moderation allowed a group of old timers, who had formed into a forum gang, to attack and insult everyone who joined. Apparently most of them have now been banned, but it looks as if it was too little too late; they'd already chased off scores of members, and earned WN a bad reputation. Writers Net now appears to be inactive.



  1. Brent7.5.12

    It's deserted because the dumb mods over there alienated and banned everyone. First they declared war on new members, suspecting they were all trolls, or just one troll (even crazier) and when they'd got rid of all of them they then turned on the regulars and banned them as well. Now there's nobody left. This would make a good comedy.

  2. Anonymous7.5.12

    The only reason the regulars stayed so long was because there was little or no moderation. They were allowed to post anything they wanted. Now that there is moderation, although sporadic and some feel heavy-handed and unfair, the regulars aka the trolls have no reason to remain.

  3. Anonymous21.2.15

    Man that was a tough crowd scared a lot of moderators off too. But it wasn't lack of moderation or over moderation that actually killed Writer.Net it was the fact that a slew of viruses ran everyone off, the site was crippled for a while, and people just left.

    And when a war happened there holy hell did it happen. I have some neat stories to tell about the place and I do agree with above report. The site is not what it used to be. As time moved on it became a ghetto.