Writers Beat


Most reports about this forum have been positive. It has a clear easy to navigate interface and the members are friendly. On the downside, there are some restrictions on new members, and there isn't a huge amount of activity on the boards. So if you're looking for a reply right away, this might not be the forum for you.


  1. I've enjoyed being a member of this forum as well. I'm guessing those restrictions are to make sure new members are legit and not spammers or post-and-run people.

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  3. Anonymous18.6.14

    I used to enjoy being on this site but more and more it's being taken over by cliques. The poetry section in particular is just awful now, just a place for certain few people to hang out and chat with one another. The actual literary quality of the site has deteriorated over the past year, in my view. That's why I left.

  4. Anonymous17.1.15

    I might lurk over there a bit, and see what it's like before joining. I'm extremely hesitant to join any writing board these days, especially if the focus doesn't seem to be on writing. It looks better than The Water Cooler, but honestly what doesn't?

    The above though doesn't exactly give me a good feeling.

  5. Anonymous28.11.15

    In terms of literary quality this site has gone downhill completely. No quality control at all. Don't waste your time with it.

  6. Anonymous20.12.17

    I have watched the boards for several weeks with a view to joining. Sadly, this is yet another forum with a few resident trolls entertaining themselves with online bullying. Fair amount of poison pen for such a small and stagnant community and writing standard is poor overall. Not worth the bother.